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Overhead Garage Doors Of NJ has been installing and repairing overhead doors since 2003. With thousands of projects completed you can count on Overhead Garage Doors Of NJ for fast reliable same day service.


Most frequently asked questions and answers for overhead garage doors.

The average spring life is 7-10 years, assuming 10,000 cycles at 4 cycles a day. However, with the garage door being used as the front door more and more, increasing the daily cycles, springs may last only 4-6 years. On very rare occasions, springs can break in as little as a year. You can also upgrade the springs to a higher cycle life which will last much longer.

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.
  1. Look at the end of the spring to determine the wind direction. …
  2. Measure the length, in inches, of ten or twenty coil of the spring that needs to be replaced. …
  3. For torsion springs, measure the inside diameter of the 1/16” of an inch.
  4. Measure the overall length of the spring to the nearest quarter inch.

You should have your garage door serviced at least once a year if no other issues arise. Service technicians prolong the life of your garage door with preventative maintenance: lubricating areas of the door, tightening bolts and screws and adjusting spring tension.

A garage door will cost anywhere from $500 for single doors to $4,000 for two or more doors, with better materials accounting for the higher cost.

If the door goes up but goes down only when you hold down the wall switch, check to see that the safety sensors are in alignment. The small light on each sensorshould be lit up when nothing is between them. Door sensors do go bad, so if no light is showing at all, you may need to replace them.

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