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Amarr Traditional Style Overhead Garage Doors NJ

Amarr Stratford 3000

Time – honored style. The Amarr Stratford 3000 collection offers four traditional desighns, 11 color choices, and more than 20 decorative window options. This durable and low maintenance collection provides section interfaces desighned to reduce the risk of serious finger and hand injuries. R value 6.48

Amarr Stratford 3000

Amarr Lincoln 3000

Traditional style. Exceptional value. The Amarr Lincoln 3000 collection combines unique, yet timeless traditional designs and color options with the durability & strength of steel and conventional hardware. Along with more than 20 decorative window chioces. Premium style at a competitive price. R Value 9.05

Amarr lincoln 3000 garage door

Amarr Olmpus 3200

When it comes to ultimate protection, the Amarr Olympus stands tall. With triple – layer construction and superior insulation R Value of 19.40 , these durable low maintenance garage doors give you the ultimate in quiet operation and energy efficiency. The Olympus is a new tradition of style and value.

amarr olympus 3200 garage door

Amarr Heritage 3000

Traditional garage doors never go out of style. Choose from four different panel designs to create the steel garage door you always wanted. The Amarr Heritage 3000 collection features low maintenance, heavy gauge steel garage doors in your chioce of traditional styles. Great looks for years to come. R Value 9.05

amarr heritage 3000 garage doors

Amarr Carriage Style Overhead Garage Doors NJ

Amarr Oak Summit 3000

Self – Expression shouldn’t cot a fortune. With the Amarr Oak Summit 3000 collection it wont. These durable steel garage doors offer an attractive carriage house look. Choose from a variety of garage door colors, decorative hardware, and window accents. Customize your home with our most affordable carriage house door. R Value 6.48

Amarr oak summit 3000 garage doors

Amarr Hillcrest 3000

Beauty that’s more than skin deep. With the Amarr Hillcrest 3000 collection, you get more than a custom carriage house look with a wide range of colors, decorative hardware and window style. You get exceptional style and durability with conventional hardware at a competitive price. Hillcrest 3000 value is a beautiful thing. R Value 9.05

Amarr hillcrest 3000 garage door nj

Desighners Choice 3200

Design and energy efficiency make the Designers Choice 3200 garage doors popular models. With superior insulation R value of 19.40 these durable garage doors give you all the insulation you will ever need in your garage and look absolutely stunning at the same time. Call today to receive a free consultation for a new garage door.

Amarr Designers Choice 3200

Amarr Classica 3000

Looks can be deceiving. From a distance, you see wood. Up close, its durable, low maintenance steel. Precision shaped garage doors in fresh, clean, carriage house styles that go up and down like traditional overhead doors. Three section designs instead of four  & larger windows. Deception never looked so good. R Value 13.35

Amarr Classica 3000 garage door nj

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When you have a residential garage door installed or repaired at your home, you want it to not only properly function, but you also want to ensure that it is going to last a reasonable amount of time. This means you need a garage repair company that can provide just that and more for you. If you are in search of a garage door company that can provide you with the right door for your home, install it properly, and tend to it if something goes awry, you have come to the right place. Overhead Garage Doors of NJ is well known for being reliable, efficient, and fair in the NJ area. 

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